Pilot Wireless Network

Dingli provides a Pilot Wireless Network Solution that plays a pivotal role in network quality testing and the seamless transmission of signals between base stations and mobile phones. This innovative solution is designed to enhance the overall performance, reliability, and efficiency of wireless networks. Our product range includes various testing instruments and cross-platform post-processing software.

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Small Cell

Small Cell Test Networks stand at the core of the continuous transformation of wireless communication. They serve as pivotal elements in the expansion and fine-tuning of wireless infrastructure to cater to the ever-growing need for swift and dependable connectivity. Unlike public networks, some organizations, such as smart enterprises or hospital possess heightened demands for network quality.

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Drive Test/Outdoor Test

Drive tests, also known as outdoor tests, are essential procedures in the deployment and optimization of 4G and 5G networks. They involve systematically measuring the network's performance in real-world conditions by driving or walking through various geographic areas. These tests provide valuable insights into network coverage, signal quality, and overall performance, allowing network operators to identify and address issues promptly.

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Indoor Test

Indoor Network Test Solutions are pivotal tools for assessing and optimizing mobile phone cellular networks within indoor environments. These solutions are specifically designed to address the unique challenges of providing seamless connectivity in places such as shopping malls, hospitals, office buildings, residences, schools, and underground parking lots.

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Autonomous Measurement

An Autonomous Measurement or automated network testing is a set of tools, software, and processes designed to assess, monitor, and validate the performance of a network infrastructure. It replaces or complements manual testing methods, enabling network engineers to optimize network performance. These solutions are particularly vital in complex, dynamic, and large-scale network environments.

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Laboratory Automation

Laboratory test solutions are integral to the development, validation, and pre-deployment stages of 4G and 5G networks, ensuring their robustness and stability before market introduction. Within these controlled environments, network equipment, devices, and software undergo thorough testing to guarantee optimal performance, reliability, and compatibility.

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Post Processing

Dingli is at the forefront of providing cutting-edge Post Processing solutions tailored for network testing. These solutions are designed to enhance the entire spectrum of network analysis, ensuring optimal performance, reliability, and efficiency. We provide robust software analysis and processing platform for network benchmarking.

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Accelerating Commercial 5G RedCap Deployment with Pilot Pioneer Site Verification

DingLi Jun 03, 2024


The deployment of 5G RedCap (Reduced Capability) technology is a critical step forward in the evolution of mobile networks. It promises to offer a balanced mix of throughput, battery life, and device density, making it ideal for a range of IoT applications. However, rolling out this new technology requires meticulous planning, extensive testing, and performance verification. This is where Pilot Pioneer site verification plays a crucial role. In this article, we explore how Pilot Pioneer can accelerate 5G RedCap deployment, enhance testing accuracy, and improve user experience.

The Challenge: Initial 5G RedCap Site Tuning and Performance Verification

For network operators, the primary challenge in deploying 5G RedCap is ensuring that new sites perform optimally before they go live. This involves initial tuning, functional testing, and KPI normalization. Operators often rely on system vendors to assist with these tasks, but they face significant hurdles, including a shortage of skilled resources for necessary testing.

Operators and vendors need a robust solution that can support initial tuning, testing, and verification on the latest 5G RedCap terminals. They must gather accurate performance data and generate comprehensive reports to confirm that voice and data services meet expected standards.

What is 5G RedCap?

5G RedCap, or 5G Reduced Capability, also known as 5G NR-Light, is designed to bridge the gap between high-performance 5G technology and IoT services requiring moderate data rates. RedCap offers an optimal blend of capabilities, including:

  • Throughput: Adequate for IoT applications that need more data than massive IoT but less than enhanced mobile broadband.
  • Battery Life: Improved power-saving features to extend device longevity.
  • Complexity: Reduced complexity to enhance user experience and device manageability.
  • Device Density: Supports a high number of connected devices, making it ideal for diverse IoT use cases.

The Solution: Pilot Pioneer Drive Testing Solution

Pilot Pioneer is an advanced drive testing solution designed to address the challenges of initial 5G site tuning and performance verification. Here’s how it helps:

Key Features

  • User-Friendly Interface: Even personnel with limited expertise can conduct in-field testing and understand performance metrics.
  • Multi-Device Support: Compatible with multiple devices across all network technologies, making it versatile for various field test needs.
  • Real-Time KPI Reports: Provides immediate, detailed performance reports to enhance testing effectiveness.

Improving Network Testing and User Experience

Pilot Pioneer’s comprehensive testing capabilities ensure that network performance meets or exceeds expectations before rollout. This proactive approach helps in:

  • Enhancing User Experience: By verifying that voice and data services are functioning optimally, operators can ensure a high-quality user experience.
  • Reducing Deployment Costs: Efficient and accurate testing reduces the risk of costly post-deployment fixes.
  • Supporting Continuous Improvement: Real-time KPI feedback allows for ongoing network optimization and troubleshooting.


Accelerating the deployment of 5G RedCap technology is crucial for operators aiming to support a growing range of IoT applications. Pilot Pioneer’s robust drive testing solution provides the necessary tools for initial tuning, performance verification, and continuous network optimization. By leveraging Pilot Pioneer, operators can ensure their 5G RedCap sites deliver the expected performance, thereby enhancing user satisfaction and maintaining a competitive edge in the market.

Pilot Pioneer is not just a testing tool; it’s a strategic asset in the journey towards a more connected and efficient 5G future.

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