Pilot Wireless Network

Dingli provides a Pilot Wireless Network Solution that plays a pivotal role in network quality testing and the seamless transmission of signals between base stations and mobile phones. This innovative solution is designed to enhance the overall performance, reliability, and efficiency of wireless networks. Our product range includes various testing instruments and cross-platform post-processing software.

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Small Cell

Small Cell Test Networks stand at the core of the continuous transformation of wireless communication. They serve as pivotal elements in the expansion and fine-tuning of wireless infrastructure to cater to the ever-growing need for swift and dependable connectivity. Unlike public networks, some organizations, such as smart enterprises or hospital possess heightened demands for network quality.

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Drive Test/Outdoor Test

Drive tests, also known as outdoor tests, are essential procedures in the deployment and optimization of 4G and 5G networks. They involve systematically measuring the network's performance in real-world conditions by driving or walking through various geographic areas. These tests provide valuable insights into network coverage, signal quality, and overall performance, allowing network operators to identify and address issues promptly.

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Indoor Test

Indoor Network Test Solutions are pivotal tools for assessing and optimizing mobile phone cellular networks within indoor environments. These solutions are specifically designed to address the unique challenges of providing seamless connectivity in places such as shopping malls, hospitals, office buildings, residences, schools, and underground parking lots.

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Autonomous Measurement

An Autonomous Measurement or automated network testing is a set of tools, software, and processes designed to assess, monitor, and validate the performance of a network infrastructure. It replaces or complements manual testing methods, enabling network engineers to optimize network performance. These solutions are particularly vital in complex, dynamic, and large-scale network environments.

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Laboratory Automation

Laboratory test solutions are integral to the development, validation, and pre-deployment stages of 4G and 5G networks, ensuring their robustness and stability before market introduction. Within these controlled environments, network equipment, devices, and software undergo thorough testing to guarantee optimal performance, reliability, and compatibility.

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Post Processing

Dingli is at the forefront of providing cutting-edge Post Processing solutions tailored for network testing. These solutions are designed to enhance the entire spectrum of network analysis, ensuring optimal performance, reliability, and efficiency. We provide robust software analysis and processing platform for network benchmarking.

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Audio Quality Measurement with Pilot Walktour without “Micro MOS” Audio Analyzer

DingLi Sep 21, 2018 Product Insights

Voice over LTE (VoLTE) is an IP packet-based voice service that is delivered over LTE access network. VoLTE enables high definition (HD) voice call quality as LTE has higher data, sampling and encoding rate.

This is a significant improvement over traditional 3G and 2G mobile network voice calls. The quality enhancements motivated mobile network operators in China to plan for large-scale commercial deployment of VoLTE service. The main challenge, however, is the low LTE network coverage that may subject the VoLTE call to fall back from 4G to 3G/2G and undermines users experience.

This has inspired DingLi to focus on developing a much more convenient and efficient audio quality evaluation method that still meets the ITU-T standardized measurement.

In cooperation with Vivo and MI global mobile device suppliers, DingLi is able to develop an audio analyzer hardware independent (e.g. without the DingLi's "Micro MOS") PESQ/POLQA audio quality measurement solution for Pilot Walktour Android.

The remaining of this article shall continue to cover the following subject matter
• Pilot Walktour's Audio Quality Measurement Evolution
• Independent Audio Quality MOS Test without DingLi Micro MOS
• Multi-Channel Audio Quality MOS Test Solution
• Uploading Audio Quality MOS Logfiles to Pilot Fleet Unify Server

Pilot Walktour's Audio Quality Measurement Evolution

2014.Audio Quality MOS Test with MOS Plug

HD MOS Plug that is designed to collect audio data and assigned to dedicated terminal model is used for the Audio Quality MOS test.

2015.Audio Quality MOS Test with Micro MOS

Micro MOS is an ultra-portable and compact device that is designed for the Audio Quality MOS test. Micro MOS is integrated with DSP (Digital Signal Processor) which will collect MIC audio data from the commercial test terminals. The recorded audio file is transmitted through Bluetooth from the Micro MOS device to the terminal.

2016.Audio Quality MOS Test with Pilot Walktour Pack

Pilot Walktour Pack may conduct real-time multi-device MOS score calculation. The test devices in Pilot Walktour Pack may not only perform simultaneous audio quality MOS test, but also compare the measurements from multiple network operators.

2017.Upload Audio Quality MOS Logfiles to Pilot Fleet Unify Server

Upload audio quality MOS test data (in batches) to Pilot Fleet Unify Server for processing and presentation.

2018.Audio Quality MOS Test without Dingli Micro MOS (e.g. a separate audio quality analyzer hardware)

Mobile-to-mobile voice quality measurement with PESQ/POLQA MOS is supported with Pilot Walktour Android (V3.8) test devices (i.e. vivo Y79A, vivo Y66i A and MI MIX2) without connecting to the DingLi MOS Box (Micro MOS).

Independent Audio Quality MoS Test without DingLi Micro MoS(e.g.a separate audio quality analyzer hardware)

Product Introduction

In cooperation with Vivo and MI global mobile device suppliers, DingLi manages to develop an independent PESQ/POLQA audio quality measurement solution for Pilot Walktour Android without the connection to any external audio quality analyzer hardware or MOS box.

Does not require connection to any external devices.

Comes with multiple built-in MOS reference audio files with multiple sample rates for users to select as required.

Avoids audio distortion caused by synchronization between test device and MOS box.


MOS Features

MOS Calculation

• Evaluates audio quality with PESQ/POLQA MOS algorithm.
• Support 8Kb/16Kb/48Kb reference audio files.

MOS Audio

• Save test data and audio file at the same time.

Pilot Walktour Presentation

• Presents accurate test results in real time.
• Real-time display of decoded parameters and messages
• Real-time KPIs statistics

Product Features

VoLTE, CSFB & 2G/3G Voice Test Event Detection

• Call initiation and call setup
• Dropped call
• Call connection delay

Real-time Statistics

• Test service statistics
• Call setup success rate
• Call setup delay

Voice MOS Test

• Real-time PESQ MOS score
• Requires no external MOS test sound card.

Multi-Channel Audio Quality MoS Test Solution

Hardware Configuration

iPad controller unit

• The iPad, as the main controller, divides test terminals into groups.
• Distributes test plans to test terminals and manages the collected data.
• Monitors the test service and displays measurement information in real time.

Pilot Walktour Pack Case

• A maximum of 8 test terminals with built-in battery and up to 8 hours of operation.
• Transmit and uses Wifi signal for iPad controller connection to the test terminals
• Built-in detection system may automatically detect the terminals that have previously accessed the Pilot Walktour Pack system.


• Test terminals
• Commercial terminals based on iOS/Android operation system
• Reflect the actual network status
• Support multiple network technologies, e.g. GSM/UMTS/LTE.
• Collects air interface signaling messages and radio performance measurements

Operation Process


• Dynamic power management. Pilot Walktour Pack case may supply power for test terminals for over 8 hours.
• Supports 6 to 8 terminals to conduct MOC-MTC mobile-to mobile call, calculate and display audio quality MOS score in real time.
• Multiple terminal models are supported, e.g. vivo Y66i, Samsung S7 G9300, Samsung S8/S8+ G9500/9550 and iPhone6S etc.

Group Multiple Terminals

• Flexible test: multi-network and multi-service test with multiple terminals
• Commercial terminals

Real-time audio quality MOS score calculation

• Real-time voice call score calculation
• Real-time display of test terminal exceptions and test details

Multi-dimensional Analysis

• Compares audio quality radio parameters from multiple terminals
• Real-time display of decoded parameters, messages and KPIs
• Statistics reports generation

Uploading Audio Quality MOS Logfiles to Pilot Fleet Unify Server

• Requires no external MOS box (e.g. audio quality analyzer hardware)
• Supports commercial phones
• Data can be analyzed with Pilot Fleet Unify's post processing function
• Obtains test plan from Pilot Fleet Unify Server with a single click.
• Uploads audio quality MOS logfiles to Pilot Fleet Unify Server for MOS score calculation and presentation.
• Manages test data in batches in Pilot Fleet Unify Server to save user's efforts and time, e.g. delete, re-decode, export test data in batches, etc.

POLQA audio quality evaluation result in Pilot Fleet Unify

POLQA audio quality evaluation result's detailed information in Pilot Pioneer Expert

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